Yummy Green Smoothie

Health and wellness are such a priority to me as I am a busy working mother and I cannot afford to spend time unwell in bed! This delicious green smoothie is so nutrient dense and a fantastic way to start the day because it provides vitamins and minerals from the fruit and vegetables, as well hydrating electrolytes from the coconut water.

Rocco even looks forward to his green smoothies as the banana masks the bitter flavour of the kale!


– one lemon
– one ripe banana
– one handful of kale
– 300-400mL of coconut water (more or less depending on your consistency preference)
– four cubes of ice


1. In a high speed blender (I use a Thermomix) blend; lemon, banana kale, coconut water and ice for approximately 30 seconds on the highest speed
2. Add supplements if you desire (such as iron or Vitamin C powder)
3. Poor into a tall glass
4. Enjoy your tropical green smoothie!


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