Your 80% Bag

Each year I allow myself one “luxury handbag purchase”. A strict but extravagant shopping experience that I save up for and fantasize about during the year as my anticipation grows.

This special purchase is always paid for in cash, with my key shopping requirements always adhered to and only if I have achieved particular goals that I have set for myself.

This year’s purchase was a beautiful large leather tote…classic, high quality and one that I had pined for, for an embarrassing long period of time, but justified by the thought that it would work perfectly for my corporate clothing and activity requirements.

However after this purchase, I found myself somewhat anxious about keeping it in perfect condition, dirt free, scratch free and still holding it’s structured shape….then I realised it was quite heavy. Plus Rocco’s sticky little fingers were also starting to be an occupational safety risk for my “corporate tote”.

So after careful consideration, I decided to purchase a neoprene State of Escape bag as my “weekend alternative”…to give the corporate tote a chance to recharge. Plus my reasoning seemed fair considering my weekend bag would need to help me run around doing my standard 5,000 errands on the weekend, with plenty of park time and beach time with Rocco and the dogs, not to mention my own playdate with my friends and their kids and possibly a cheeky glass of bubbles.

However since welcoming my State of Escape bag into my VIP Handbag Club, I have found that this bag follows that famous Pareto Principal, also known as the 80-20. Where 80% of the results or outcomes, come from 20% of the causes…or in this case purchases.

I now use it everyday. I use it for work, it carries my laptop, my client files, my gym gear, my make up and all my other daily necessities. I can throw it on the ground in a café, in a park, spill coffee on it, Giuseppe can even slobber on it, and then it can go straight into the washing machine, and comes out looking brand new again….simply brilliant.

Which is even more interesting considering that my State of Escape bag cost 10% of my other bag. So I should really be calling my State of Escape bag my 90% bag.

As much as I love a fabulous luxury purchase, my State of Escape bag was a seriously great buy and my dollar per wear is down to cents per wear now…as I sheepishly tell you as my other black tote gives me the evil eye across the room.

You should check out their fabulous collection and see the different colours available here…orange and the dual navy blue tone being my two favourites.



GREY_NEON_YELLOW_HERO_large[1] NAVY-ROYAL_BLUE_HERO2_large[1] SOE_29.5.15_001_large[1] SOE_29.5.15_003_large[1]


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