The Vogue Codes

Last Friday I had the honour of being on a panel at The Vogue Code Summit, hosted by Westpac Bank and sponsored by Hewlet Packard. The mission behind the summit was to encourage women to embrace technology as part of their career paths.

“Girls Who Code” is a movement created by super model Karlie Kloss and dubbed by Barack Obama to break the male dominated world of computer programing. And this source of inspiration and education is very much needed and overdue. Vogue immediately jumped on this as they too in fact have no female coders at their office.

The STEM industries – that is, science, technology, engineering and mathematics – have significantly fewer female employees, but what makes it worse is that women are choosing not to study these subjects at school or university. There is a perception that STEM subjects are for the boys, and that girls are better suited to right-side brain (artistic) subjects, a damaging stereotype.

Being a female working in Even myself who works in the male dominated industry of finance, I couldn’t disagree with this false perception more. When you understand how to computor program in this day and age, you can apply your knowledge to so many different industries and businesses. The sky is the limit and you need to get on board or you will be left behind.

At the Vogue Code Summit, I met women who have applied their IT/Digital knowledge to business that involve the environment, saving refuges all the way through to manufacturing handbags. This is a skill that all children need to know (boys and girls) as this is the way of the future and almost a universal language that can transfer you anywhere in the world with unlimited potential.

I know only 1% about Digital Media and coding, which scares me because that 1% that I do know is incredibly useful and powerful in my business and career and it has triggered a thirst for more information. So next time you are reviewing your career goals, look to join part of this exciting movement and see how you can apply your new found and growing knowledge to leverage your skills and career potential, I promise that you will never regret it.

To read more about the event and what you missed, click here


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