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Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend Easter break and now feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to be even more productive back at work! Sometimes having that short yet sweet break can do wonders to your body and mind, allowing it some much needed rest and time away from the stress and hopefully provide you with some inspiration and motivation!

I also had the pleasure of writing an article for Minimalism Life. This article captures my journey into finding Minimalism and how it has so positively affected my life. You can read the article here.

Speaking of motivation, this week’s Monday Monday, I talk about the common excuses I hear all time, when it comes their finances. In this video I explain the mentality behind these excuses and ways that you can motivate yourself, banish the excuses and take action!

This week has also been extremely exciting as I filmed a Corporate Office wear wardrobe right here at the SugarMamma.TV/ SASS Financial office. In this video, we showcased our Monday – Friday work wear and how each piece is versatile and can be mixed and matched to create endless more work wear outfits. I am so excited for you to watch this as I had so much fun putting it together!

As a special treat, I also published another Lifestyle Love video on ‘How to be Efficient, Organised and Motivated’. I hope this comes in handy for everyone after their short Easter break away and refuelling their productivity!

As always, I love hearing all the suggestions and feedback so please keep them coming. I hope you guys had a great week and lovely weekend to come!


Youtube: Sugar Mamma

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