The Sugar Hit is back!

Hi everyone!

 Your weekly Sugar Hit is back! We are extremely appreciative of all the feedback and suggestions you have given us over the past year. During our time away, we have really been listening, thinking and working on improving SugarMamma content by incorporating these ideas into the videos for you.

 As a result, we are now introducing a new Capsule Wardrobe & Fashion video every month with links to all items of clothing and accessories in the video, just for you! For this month’s Autumn Capsule Wardrobe, we proudly collaborated with The Fashion Faddist (@kirstenanderton) in Melbourne! Keep posted as we’re already planning for the next video collaborations with fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers and youtubers!

However, don’t worry! We are still staying true to our financial inspiration and personal journey towards financial freedom and wealth creation. I will be keeping you informed about The $1,000 Project regularly, so that we can all work together to achieving that financial goal!

Just to keep you updated, ‘Manifesting March’ is also going strong this month. By creating a powerful, positive and open mindset to manifesting money, I have been enjoying the opportunities and little unexpected fortunes along the way.
Finally, I’ve also got some really exciting news to share with you as well! So don’t forget to tune in!



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