The Quick Cash Hustle – 5 Ways To Earn Some Extra Money

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where a quick cash injection into our lives would really help fix a short term problem or even give us a much needed kick start to some bigger financial goals, such as the saving for a new outfit, holiday or home deposit.

I am a big believer in looking at money, cash flow and budgeting from an abundant perspective where we focus more on making, manifesting, creating money rather than cutting, culling depriving. Taking on this attitude, perspective and actions, is how I can show gratitude and appreciation to the success of The $1000 Project for myself.

Often I get asked for the companies that I use to help hustle some extra cash, so here you go...

1. Market Research

This is a great way to earn quick cash and it is actually really fun. Sometimes these are done as one on one interviews, sometimes in groups and sometimes online. I recommend registering with as many as possible and always completing the questionnaires quickly to see if you qualify. Here are the companies that I am registered with:

I also recommend googling “paid market research” and you will find so many more to register with. However with everything, do your research to make sure it is a reputable company and the payment is worth your time.

2. Cash Back On Shopping

By far the easiest money that I make. I get paid cash back on my normal online shopping through Cashrewards. This included my online grocery shopping, gifts, utilities, travel, even clothing. I have already earned over $200 and I am aiming to have over $1,000 by the end of the year. Also, occasionally I need to buy some office expenses, so I always shop through Cashrewards to help boost my rewards even further. It is free to join and they often give you special coupons for even bigger discounts when you shop via their website. I recommend watching this video once you have joined so that you know how to maximise your cash back rewards.

3. Secret Shopper

I have done this a couple of times and it is really fun. You need to have a good memory and eye for detail, but your experience as a secret shopper is really valuable when you can give accurate feedback to a brand or service. This is one company that appears to have a great reputation and impressive easy to register with website.

4. Sell your images

Have a hilarious photo that went viral or managed to capture a unique shot that many would appreciate? Well you can sell your images through Getty and Shutterstock. Getting paid per download.

4. Paid Medial Trial

Personally I have never done this, but after researching this, I think doing this is incredibly responsible act. When you participate in these studies, you are becoming part of the solution for early detection, prevention, detection and cures. These companies need healthy people as well as people suffering certain conditions, from all different backgrounds. This company came highly recommended after reading this really helpful blog post.

Remember, every time you make some extra money, follow one and only $1000 Project rule, and immediately put the money that you earn, into a separate savings account or towards that goal. This way you make the money really count and don’t get tempted to spend it or distracted. Trust me, this is one simple rule that I always follow is how I have managed to save and invest over $94,000 since starting The $1000 Project 4 years ago, and I love it so much that I will keep going, watching the portfolio continue to flourish.


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