The Power Of A Goal: Beacon Of Light When Times Get Dark

Even when life throws us a mountain of rotten lemons that have grown mouldy, the power of an exciting goal can spark extraordinary strength & perseverance within us. Harney’s compelling story on SugarMamma’s Fireplay demonstrated this point so clearly. 

Despite a series of brutal lows — Harney’s determination never wavered because of the hope and purpose her goals planted within her. In a nutshell;  she became unemployed, missed out on her dream property, lost home loan eligibility, broke up with her partner and her car was stolen (and used to rob a chain of shops) — all simultaneously. 












Then Harney started her own ‘The $1000 Project’. In spite of all the confronting moments, she managed to pay off $18,000 in debt and continued to hold on to her hard-earned deposit money. Harney instilled army discipline within her money habits and tirelessly hustled to one day purchase a property. 

I have great admiration for how calm and collected Harney is. It’s easy to hide under the covers and give up, but Harney rose up and faced obstacles head on. How did she stay afloat? It was the desire to achieve her goals that gave her purpose and compelled her to move forward. Harney is motivated to purchase a property, remove financial stress, pay down debts and building a passive income stream so money works for her. Dreams of financial independence lit a flame within her.  











Goals (it doesn’t have to be financial!) can wake us up from previously drifting through life. The excitement in creating something new and something to be proud of, grounds us with focus.  And don’t be intimidated by big ambitions. Break down larger goals, into bite sized steps ($1000 at a time even). Hold on tight, belief in yourself and have faith that all the baby steps are guiding you in the right direction. xCC

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