The SUPER POWERED Bracelets That Connect Our Family

When I  become a mother, it sparked a different spiritual & emotional dimension with you. The sleepless nights and jam-packed schedules sometimes left me depleted of energy, but also unearthed superhuman strengths I never knew existed! On the other hand, being responsible for another human being is a significant responsibility that can activate new fears. Constant thoughts pace through my mind when I’m away from my children: Are they okay? Are they happy? Are they safe?

Every mother has different ways of staying connected and maintaining a bond despite being physically apart. For our family, we wear special crystal bracelets, from Spiritus Stones that connects us through the healing power of each stone. Different stones hold unique benefits that impart distinct vibrational energies. The bracelets were custom-made by Spiritus Stone and tailored to our individual energy needs. 

How does this ritual sustain our bond? Tom suggested we all wear trinkets that symbolise our presence in each other’s lives. Although each of our Spiritus Stones have different meanings and benefits, it feels comforting, knowing we are united through wearing special ‘family’ bracelets from the same brand! My son Rocco is from a previous relationship, so his time is divided between our family household and his father’s. When Rocco is away from us, we miss him deeply – but the bracelets help us feel closer and physically connected to each other. 

I wear mine everyday & they help keep me centred, feeling strong & connected to my journey. The bracelets are  high quality, durable and have this dreamy, ethereal aesthetic. I also love how ethical and environmentally conscious Spiritus Stones is. The stones are all sourced through sustainable methods, the company provides the option of ‘naked’ packaging to reduce landfill and orders the exact amount of stock they need for a zero-waste approach. 


To share the love, I am running two separate competitions to give you the opportunity to win some precious Spiritus Stone jewellery – one on each of my Instagram accounts. This competition is not sponsored in any way, but I am so passionate about the benefits of these bracelets, that I want more people to experience the goodness!

See specific details on @SugarMammatv & @Cannacampbellofficial for how to win and what prizes you can potentially score. Entries close on Sunday the 17th of May, 5 PM AEST – the winner will be contacted by myself. You can enter both Instagram competitions to maximise your chances of winning, plus you can enter each competition multiple times too. May the bracelets provide you with the love and positive vibrations it has blessed our family with. Good luck!


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