The Financial Account That’s Inspiring Optimism & Hope

In our fast-paced, information-saturated world, we can often feel overwhelmed, alone and forget to appreciate the truly important things in life. The fragility of life often slips our mind, but there’s been one account that has put this into perspective and inspired me to seek the simple pleasures, stay grounded and persevere in the face of insurmountable challenges. Her name is Monica and she is the powerhouse behind the instagram account @deliberate_intention.

I discovered Monica through Dave Ramsey’s Minimalism-Debt free community online, which is a group of motivated individuals sharing their hacks, insights, and vulnerabilities, as they proactively work towards achieving healthier financial wellbeing. People provide advice and inspiration to support each other’s debt-free journey. Although I have my own financial journey mapped out and actioned, I find these communities provide me with as I work through my own mortgage, investing and budgeting goals. And Monica is one of the accounts that I follow, but there is a much more meaningful and powerful element to her financial journey. 

Monica is only 31 years old and her husband, Max, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. They have been fighting this battle for 5 years now – with dignity and strength. Despite living this painful nightmare, Monica still provides encouragement to others through her savvy financial strategies, minimalism hacks, frugal finds and sheer determination and she holds Max’s hand. Monica has candidly revealed the challenging and deeply painful and heartbreaking parts of her journey with Max’s cancer, to show people they are not alone and help others tackle this difficult journey with practical wisdom, grace and emotional resilience. 

She also is helping people realise the importance of personal insurances, having a will and raising awareness of brain cancer. Max has GBM, Glioblastoma, which has a 6% mortality rate. In order to improve treatment options and survival outcomes, Monica has been tirelessly raising awareness about the devastating impacts of the disease. Even in her moments of despair, she is rallying to ensure future generations don’t face the same burden.

As Monica continues to share and show her financial journey, she felt that made no progress this year, but she has learnt to view small triumphs as valid and important. “It’s all about perspective,” she says. Sometimes we don’t acknowledge the strides we have made, because we haven’t achieved them at the pace we desire. But it’s important to remember that growth occurs through small changes that gently push us in the right direction.

Monica’s  life has been turned upside town, but her tenacity, vigour and financial passion have never wavered. Despite the valleys that she’s experienced, she reminds us to soldier on and appreciate the flowers that bloom. So next time you are on IG, check out Monica’s account, give her a like, a comment, follow her if you want to or even send her message of support, just make sure you have a box of tissues as this IG account will touch you deeply and your attitude will change for the better. 


P.S. If anyone knows how to get Taylor Swift to send an autograph or message to Monica, please let me know! It is the one thing that might help put a smile on this face that I have been following closely. 

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