The difference a year makes

The photo of Rocco and I below was taken almost 1 year ago, with the following photo taken the other week. It amazes me as to how many things have happened (both good and bad) over the last 12 months and most of these things I would have never expected.

When that photo was taken a year ago, my YouTube channel was only a few months old, my marriage had also only ended a few months ago, my personal financial situation changed dramatically where sink or swim were my only options….and I felt like my life was in limbo, with no idea what the future held…it was daunting to say the least and I was full of anxiety and insecurities.

But one thing that I did know, was that I needed to survive…so I put my head down, did the work (both physically and emotionally) and tried to live in the moment. It wasn’t easy.

There were tough days where I was so exhausted and run down that I couldn’t spell my own name, they’re days where I was in so much pain and anxiety from not knowing what my future held and there were countless phone calls to my amazing girlfriends and family where I needed reassurance that “everything will be okay, it is only early days”.

And guess what, they were right. I just needed time. Time to pull myself together, time to learn about my strength and values, time to believe in myself again and rejoice in the solitude.

More than 12 months later, I am happier, healthier, I know the power of my strength and determination and I appreciate what I have in my life with a much deeper sense of love, compassion and gratitude than I did before.

From tough, challenging and testing times, we can learn more about ourselves, more about the beauty of life and valuable and powerful lessons that can help us become more connected, conscious and centred people. Sometimes it is just hard to realise that when you are in the thick of the pain and despair, but I promise you that these blessings exist if you are strong enough to open your head, heart and eyes…



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