The Challenge That Educated, Empowered & Made Me More Responsible

I had been wanting to do a challenge around my consumption, the environment and wastage for a really long time. So when Origin Energy approached me about a 30 Day Challenge, this was the perfect opportunity to learn and understand more about how we consume and pay for power. But more importantly proactively look for solutions that not only save us money but reduce our impact on the environment.

In the past I have had a complacent attitude juxaposed against an underlying frustration at my rising power bills. I naively buried my head in the sand, thinking there wasn’t much I could do to reduce my power bills or the things that I could do wouldn’t be worth my time or would be too much of an inconvenience.

Boy was I wrong. What I learnt that we have a lot more power than we realise, we have a choice and can switch to another energy provider who is more competive. (I switched to Origin Energy immediately saving 26% off my power bills and 22% off my gas bills along with a $50 bonus credit). I learnt about new technology and apps that can help reduce and manage our bills and our home (Origin’s Home HQ Kit), that sometimes old appliances should be upgraded to more energy efficient appliances as the long term savings and environmental benefit are worth it. I realised how good it feels to be responsible and respectful of our environment and surrounding. Picking up litter in the street and putting it in the bin, skipping using my car and walking, recycling my shower water to feed my plants and of course educating Rocco along the way.

I discovered that 57% of my power usage actually comes from 4 key appliances in my home (my dryer, my dishwasher, my fridge and my washing machine). Knowing how much it costs to run these appliances and how to read the compliance plates against the different programs, makes me more aware of the cost of running them and now I choose wisely as to how I use them.

And my 30 days savings was well worth it. From my new Origin Energy discount, $50 bonus credit, reducing the number of loads that I use my dryer for and only using the eco cycle on my dishwasher has saved me over $270. And that number is actually an underestimation as I haven’t included not using my hairdryer $0.24 each time), my water saving habits, my smart plug savings and my conscious effort to turn lights off in all unoccupied rooms and switch heating off 30 minutes before leaving the house.

So if you feel like kick starting your own power savings why don’t you check out Origin Energy’s Savernator and see if switching providers is worth while. My savings are going straight to Round 3 of The $1000 Project…and at this rate, I may end buy Origin stock with my new found savings.


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