The Bridges Program Needs To Stay Open & We Need Your Help!

A few months ago, I had the honour of speaking at The Business Chicks Event with Moana Hope in Melbourne. I was blown away by Moana’s strength, attitude and how incredibly grounded she is. Her personal story is incredible but equally inspiring is the bond she holds with her sister Vinny. Vinny goes to a special school for people with special needs, that she absolutely loves and lives for. Sadly and suddenly the school has announced that it needs to close.

The big problem is, without the Bridges program Vinny and her 90 plus friends will have no where to go during the day and nothing to do. No longer learning and no longer connecting with others. This is their community, their safe place, their support system. The flow on effect goes beyond the students, but also their families. By having day programs it means the parents are still able to work and support their families and know that their children are safe and happy.

We need your help to make as much noise about this as possible.  We pay taxes to ensure we have adequate systems in place that support us all, in the areas that are fundamental – such as health, education, mental health, aged care and support for those with disabilities. We cannot accept the closing of Bridges and we need to step up and be a voice for the students and families of Bridges and stop this from happening.

Please help Moana and Vinny by using your voice to say that withdrawing these vital services is not acceptable to you, or to Australia at large. Sign the petition! It takes no more than two minutes and your voice really counts.


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