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Mothers day recomendations

  1.  Paper Flowers from HanamiPaperCo
  2. Atelier x Grace MAMA Crew
  3. Floral Reed Diffuser From Forscent
  4. Glasshouse Casablanca triple scented Candle
  5. Bella Freud Parfum Loving scented candle
  6. Versace Dylan blue Perfume
  7. Writers Loose Leaf tea from Literary TeaCo
  8. Help with folding the Laundry. Not to mention the extra brownie points you can get if you put it all away also!
  9. Time- Spend the day together or a few hours even. Hugs and some kisses don’t go astray either.
  10. Breakfast in bed! This May be the best thing that a mum could get for mothers day! Not having to get up and put everyone else needs first is the ‘dream’ mothers all have. To have alone time and not have to plan or think about others. So why not make an entire day of it?

Soy Face Cleanser by fresh

As a strong advocate for sticking to staple beauty products and having products last me over the years, I really believe in finding quality products that I can rely on and products I know will do its job. Having experienced a wide range of skin ailments, from severe acne when I was a teenager, to going onto different types of medication to curb such said ailments, I am very cautious with what I use on my skin, especially my face.

However, one brand which I have found amazing results from is the American brand called fresh. Although America, I discovered this brand while travelling in Singapore. What I didn’t realise at the time, was how much I would fall in love with their wide variety and range of products! I have previously written an article on their sugar lip treatments, but upon expanding to other facial products, I can safely testify that their products are amazing!

Fresh has a gentle skin soy cleanser, suitable for all skin types. It has a gel – like consistency and once applied and washed, your skin definitely feels clean, fresh and invigorated. With all fresh products, there is always a science behind the product. This soy cleanser consists of many different ingredients to guarantee that soft and supple skin without stripping the face of its natural oils – the amino acids soy proteins maintain the soft elasticity upon application while the rosewater and cucumber extracts calms and balances your skin and to top it all off, borage seed oils (a plant oil originally extracted for anti – inflammatory uses), to nourish the skin.

While not an offender of the ‘try and swap’ method, especially when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, I am seriously glad to have given this brand and this soy cleanser a try! For those struggling to find a great cleanser, be sure to pick this up and see how this works for you!

Em x