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Scared As A Chicken

Just like people say to me, “I am no good at money”, I am no good in the kitchen. Now I know a lot of people say that who aren’t actually bad in the kitchen, but you know when you get complimented on your rice, you know something isn’t right. And that is me.

Now I am actually working on my culinary skills as I want to get better at cooking. Slowly building a few different meals, I do an okay salmon salad, lamb and Rocco loves my El Do Paso Burritos. And it pretty much stops there. But because I have figured out these dishes, I am literally too scared to explore in case I lose my confidence. It has taken me 38 years to get this far.

In the meantime, Rocco and Tom are truely bored with these three dishes.

So just like anyone who wanted to get better with managing money, would research and read for solutions, thanks to Tom, I went to cooking school for the day. I was nervous, I was embarrassed and I struggled at times to understand. I was placed in front of an expert, who carefully explained the individual steps required to make a French roast chicken, Apple Tart, Olive Tapenade and even creme anglaise.

By the end of the class, I felt more confident, more inspired to stretch outside of my cooking comfort zone and more educated. So just like with anything in life, when we hit a block, get stuck in a rut or are just simply scared, it is time to listen and learn to experts, who can help up go to the next level and see what we are capable of.

Will report back with my roast chicken results soon.


Home Sweet Home

From working on The $1,000 Project, I have had to take a really hard really look at the way that I spend money. And make better and more conscious decisions about how I want to use money going forward, if I am going to continue on with this journey.

So in being as honest as I can be, I have realised that my biggest weakness is food…no not buying expensive indulgent gourmet ingredients, but actually cutting down on restaurants.

Rocco and I usually do a “date night” one night per week and we also like to catch up with friends for dinner one night per week. This normally entails eating out, not necessarily in an expensive restaurant (normally a sushi train for date night and then a local pub for dinner). And I have to say it is quick, easy and involves minimal mess in my house. Win, win, win.

However this bonding exercise certainly adds up in the dollar department. Over the last 5-6 weeks, I have made an effort to do more date nights at home, where we cook together or we cook for our friends in our home, rather than going out. This shift in effort and dining location has saved me $280 thus far (which to me is a lot of money), which I have been able to put towards The $1,000 Project.

Plus I have been taking lunch to work, which has saved me another $100 over the last month. But what I have realised, as much as I love eating out, there is something quite soulful when we prepare a meal together and sit down and eat it together, especially when you share special stories and create valuable memories.

So here is to more home cooked meals (and a hopeful improvement in my culinary skills!).