Sugarmamma’s Recommended Reading List

Learning and constantly building on your knowledge through reading is one of the most important and empowering things you can do not only for your finances but for your life in general. Here's a list of my recommendations for building your financial reading library. From how to build your share portfolio to money mindsets to a minimalist's approach zero waste and finance, these books have made a huge impact in my life and I hope they transform your mindset too!
I will be adding to this list so if you want the last additions, head over to the Resource Library.

1.Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

Written over 80 years ago and still even more relevant today. If you loved Chapter 3 in “Mindful Money”, your knowledge and awareness of our mindset, attitude and language is so powerful in ceasing and creating success. This is one my absolute favourites and it will seriously change the way you look at challenges in your life.

2. Motivated Money - Peter Thornhill

If you want to learn more about the sharemarket, in particular industrial shares and the simplicity of this powerful investment asset, I highly recommend this book. Your new found knowledge and clarity will be you ahead of the game as you realise the power of long term investing in quality investments assets rather than following the herd mentality and getting confused by the media.

3. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth - Ric Edelman

In a world where we can easily become captivated by the celebrities living the glamorous life, this is a refreshing and grounding reminder of what we can create for ourselves and that it is often the simplest habits that can be the most effective. As I say in “Mindful Money” nothing is what it seems, and after reading this book, you will want to be one of those ordinary people who achieve extraordinary financial achievements. 

4. A Zero Waste Life - Anita Vandyke

Easy to read and so helpful! Not about money but full of great ideas to help you save money and reduce your environmental destruction. I have never been more passionate about living in a world where we finally realises we have more than enough and can easily embrace a zero life lifestyle.   

5. Harmonic Wealth - James Ray

One of the books that has had the most powerful influences in my personal life. Looks at our intellectual wellbeing, our relationship health, spiritual wealth, physical health and financial wealth. Great for anyone rebuilding their life and looking to do things better. 

6. The Dividend Rich Investor - Joseph Tige and Joseph Lisanti

The perfect compliment once you have finished reading “Mindful Money” and want to build your number using shares and LICs. Really valuable.

7. Stocks for the Long Run - Jeremy Siegel

Another great book to follow on with as you work on building your number. 

8. Investing Demystified: How to Invest Without Speculation and Sleepless Nights - Lars Kroijer

I got to meet Lars in London and film three videos with him. Like Peter Thornhill, one of the nicest, grounded and most down to earth people you will meet. So honest and caring about helping everyday people learn how to invest intelligently in a world of excess information, opinions and interests. Lars has also written Money Mavericks: Confessions of a Hedge Fund Manager.

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