SugarMamma.TV Is Changing!

When the new year strikes, we all have idealistic desires for a clean slate. Let’s be honest: how many new years resolutions have we made to become a better version of ourselves? We often toss these resolutions aside, because we’ve set unrealistic expectations; aiming to go too fast, too hard.  The goals that succeed in becoming sustainable parts of our lives, are those that are gradual.

A drastic 180 degree change can often result in burnout. Instead, we should break down larger goals into smaller, bite sized tasks. Identify which aspects need to be fine-tuned, in order to achieve your ultimate outcome. Change doesn’t come from ‘one’ factor, but is the result of multiple interwoven threads.

One of my goals for 2021 was to increase the value I can provide to you, my followers. There are several changes I am making to my content, to maximise your capacity to achieve financial freedom. Upon reflection I have decided to give my SugarMamma.TV Instagram a makeover! I will be focusing on money and minimalism, whilst taking a step back from lifestyle content. This account will deep dive into topics such as investing, budgeting, side hustle avenues, debt-free hacks and retirement preparation! Lifestyle topics will only be covered if they are relevant to financial literacy.

All beauty, fashion and lifestyle content will be shifted to my personal account: @cannasass. This account provides an honest look into my life; where I share candid insights into the highs and lows of being a working mum. This is the fun, light hearted haven, where I discuss motherhood hacks, work-life balance and unearth fun & frugal finds. Look out for my ‘Is it worth it?’ segments, where I test expensive products to see if they’re actually worth the price tag. 

The accounts were separated because I didn’t want to distract my SugarMamma.TV followers from reaching their financial goals. By focusing solely on finance, I hope to provide extra motivation, inspiration and education.  The specifically themed accounts are also meant to provide clarity and allow viewers to choose between finance and lifestyle content. I am always open to feedback, so send me a direct message and let me know how I can improve my content for you.


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