Stop, Revive, Survive….Provide

It is getting towards that time of the year, where we realise that it is no longer “early 2016”, but actually approaching the half way mark of 2016. For me, I feel like I am already into the thick of it, with lots of deadlines, proposals to be done, meetings and of course videos that I want to shoot.

To be honest, whilst I work hard at staying organised and make my health and happiness paramount, I am feeling a little overwhelmed and exhausted really. Last night, I did some thinking about work life balance and the need for us all to at times, simply stop (or at least slow down) with all our busy responsibilities and schedules, and take stock, both emotionally and mentally.

So instead of working on my laptop after Rocco (eventually!) went to bed, I curled up on the sofa with the Giuseppe and Sofia and caught up on my favourite blogs. It was heaven.

Stopping and reviving, not only allows us the opportunity to recharge our batteries (and survive) but it can also allow us a moment to self reflect, review and reassess what we are working towards and most importantly what is the big “why”, that is driving us. When we give ourselves permission to hit pause for a second, powerful insights, ideas and observations can emerge.

This can then become a new driving source or new ideas come to light. This is whole process of stopping, reviving and surviving also shows up in our quest for a better financial future and working towards our financial goals. We are not robots, we cannot always be driving ambitiously towards our financial goals, if we do, we run the risk of burning ourselves out.

And if we then collapse in a heap, how can we provide or help others, physically, emotionally and financially?

So if you are working passionately towards achieving your personal goals, I commend you proudly, but please don’t forget that life isn’t a race, but a precious gift and exciting journey….so plan for longevity.


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