How To Be Sustainable & Stay On Top Of Your Finances

Our world has come to rely upon natural resources which are gradually being depleted. The limited supply beckons for us to reflect upon which items can be replaced with more sustainable and financially savvy options. Often, we forget that the ‘convenient’  lunch bags or plastic straws we toss out may take a significant amount of time to break down, which can have long-term damaging effects. 

Here are my favourite tips and tricks for living more sustainably and reducing my carbon footprint.

1) Use reusable utensils while on the go – take it a step further and purchase your utensil set from an animal sanctuary, such as Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland! I shudder when I imagine how much plastic I have tossed out over the years. However, it is never too late to make a change in your habits. Just as every dollar counts within our budgets, every piece of waste that can be taken out of a landfill makes a difference! Reusable utensils and straws are an incredibly simple and effective strategy in cutting down on personal waste, but are so often forgotten in the bustle of the day. 

2. Invest in a rechargeable toothbrush. Although this daily item may go completely overlooked in a discussion of finances and sustainability, we create significant plastic waste through our personal care items.  A great way to cut down on excessive plastic waste is to invest in a rechargeable toothbrush, which may be a bit of an initial expense, but will soon pay off when only the brush head must be replaced after several months of use!

3. Invest in quality tools, personal items, and clothing. When you make the initial investment of a quality, durable item, you are making a confident purchase, knowing that you will get multiple uses out of it. While a less expensive purchase will save you a dollar here or there, this money is then wasted on replacing the unsatisfactory or broken item! Consider what you use every day and make an effort to ensure that they are sustainable, rather than what what simply satisfies temporary desires. 

4. Consider balancing your diet with more plant based meals! I’m not advocating for a complete vegan transformation, but being conscious of reducing your meat intake can benefit your body and the environment. I love browsing the colourful aisle of fruits and vegetables, but it’s equally as fun planting your own produce. Purchase some seeds and watch your crop grow!  If you’re not up for the full ‘farming’ experience, you can experiment with plant-based recipes and have a delicious, green and frugal night in.

It is critically important to acknowledge our role in improving the environment surrounding us, beginning with our individual actions and purchases. It is beneficial for ourselves, the earth, and society at large, when we take into consideration the consequences of our actions. We are all capable of making a difference, not only in our finances, but in our everyday lives! 

Holding image credit: @bohobeautiful

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