6 Ways to Simplify your Life

Our lives are so fast paced and over whelming, that we do not sit back and take notice of the simple things. Why do so many of us have iPhones that now sit in draws no longer being used and just taking up space? Or have clothes, that we will never fit into, that cause us constant stress, every time we open our cupboard.

Many of us were brought up in houses, with lots of space but no possessions. Nowadays, advertising is every where, we are persuaded that we need that car to look good, wear those clothes to feel important and to eat that food to look like her! But all this does, is create unwanted stuff in our houses and more junk. The other issue is many people are living in smaller dwellings, as housing prices increase, which means storage is at a minimal.

“No matter how wonderful things used to be, we cannot live in the past. The joy and excitement we feel here and now are more important.”
― Marie Kondō, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

1. Simplify your routines
Get some regular routines in place and stick to them and your home will function as you need it to every day. By having clear routines for everyone to follow, the morning process of getting ready for work and school will run much more smoothly.
2. Simplify your calendar
Start by getting your calendar out, whether a wall one or on your phone and look closely at your calendar and remove any activities or commitments that no longer serve you, add value to your life, that you have grown out of or that you no longer enjoy. We habitually just keep going, never revising our to do do lists, we need to review this and get rid of the items that we do not want to do. Keep some free time each day to relax and just go with the flow.
3. Simplify your home
Go through your stuff and and see what you no longer need or use, then spend some time Decluttering. This will mean, there will be less to clean, less to tidy so you can spend your time doing other things without worrying about what state the house will be in by the end of the day. Having less to clean and tidy frees up our time for more experiences and memories with the people we love.
4. Simplify your goal setting
Goal setting is a big part of living life to its fullest. Do you want to look back and regret not giving it a go or that you tried? You need to set goals today that make you feel motivated to strive for, whether financial, emotional or physical. Do you ever set goals for yourself and then wonder why you never achieve them? Or do you just go through life, not knowing where you’d like to be in 5, 10 years time. Simplify the process and hold yourself accountable for what happens in your life and only have one or two goals. Write down your goals and look at them every day and be inspired.
5. Simplify your finances
Start keeping on top of what you spend each month and avoid the build up of stacks of paper and forgotten bills to pay. Start a weekly or fortnightly budget depending on when you get paid. Write down all of your income and expenses, put money aside for savings, plan to get rid of any debt and choose to spend money on experiences rather than on material possessions.
6. Simplify your wardrobe
Is your wardrobe so crowded, the light cannot see through, do you have loads of clothes in your wardrobe but still cannot find anything to wear in the morning? Do you stand at your wardrobe wishing your clothes were more appealing? Do you just grab the nearest thing and hope no one will notice the tear at the bottom, as it is black anyway! Simplify your wardrobe by removing anything that doesn’t fit, is damaged or worn out and that you do not love to wear. Find the colours you love to wear and stick with them, create a capsule wardrobe for yourself.
Little Hacks

– Actively remove toxic people from your life
– Remove all the processed foods in your home
– Digitise your notes and throw away the paper ones
– Limit your social media time to 30mins per day
– Switch off your phone before 9pm

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