Signature Scents

Every girl should have a signature scent.

It should subtly make an entrance, (especially with those up-close and personal hellos) and leave a lingering memory for those around you as you exit the building.

Good smells are known to heighten attraction, boost confidence and uplift our mood whilst it accompanies us throughout the day and night.

Also, by having a signature scent, you will be less inclined to waste precious liquid as according to Fragrantic, most perfumes once opened only last 2-3 years.

So having a library of bottles (as beautiful as they are) collecting dust, may be a waste of money and space in your bathroom cabinet.

If you have commitment issues with only having one signature scent, consider having a signature scent for different times of the days (one for day time and one for night time) or even for different seasons on the year.

Just make sure that you absolutely love it every time it hits your skin.

Here are our top 5 signature scents:

Scent1 Scent2 Scent3 Scent4 Scent5

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