Shopping Hacks To Boost Cashflow

When it comes to purchasing beauty and health products, the shopping adventure may not always be linear. We’ve all been there before: rushing from one shop to another and impulsively purchasing things we don’t need. But throughout the years, I have cultivated 5 key hacks to shop mindfully and save money along the way. Plus I reveal how to maximise savings with Priceline Pharmacy’s new Sister Club loyalty program. (Hint: There’s never been so much personalisation, perks, prizes and gifts involved!)

1) Make a list, check it twice. As products run low start making a list of all of your health and beauty items that need replenishing. Employ the ‘just in time technique’ so when your products are close to running out, you are organised and can factor this expense into your budget. Priceline Pharmacy carries a wide spectrum of value-for-money products that deliver results – so a list helps you stay focused and not feel overwhelmed.

2)Build a wish list of products you want to try. Consider this a visualisation board and a chance to reflect on whether you will truly love, value, use and appreciate the product before committing to a purchase. You may realise that you are doubling up on products, or they’re not necessary.

3)Shop loyal. Designate one store that contains most of your health and beauty needs. Priceline Pharmacy is a one-stop-shop which makes reaching Pink Diamond Status easy! When you crunch the numbers that’s just $67 per month; realistic if you shop across make up, skincare, bathroom basics, supplements and health. Doing that unlocks the maximum cashback reward, plus you can chose from three complementary birthday gifts, a suite of holiday gifts and receive bonus entries into the quarterly prize draws. A friend was getting ready to pay her Priceline bill, when the cashier informed her that she had accrued enough points to slash $25 off her bill. Savings from every dollar have a powerful cumulative effect and will free up cash flow in your budget.

4)Subscribe to newsletters and be the first to know about discounts. Email notifications are the easiest way to stay updated on potential savings. I subscribe to Priceline Pharmacy’s newsletter and recently received an email alerting me of a 40% off  sales.

5)Swipe and save. To make the most out of the revamped Priceline Sister Club program swipe your card every time to earn points which result in great perks.  Take advantage of prizes, bonus points, personalised freebies and multiple entries into their quarterly prize draws. Money saved from this can be substantial, which can then be invested into achieving other financial goals. I would transfer savings into The $1000 Project, but you may decide to start a share portfolio, purchase a home or pay down debt.

Shopping is a necessity in our everyday lives. If we are going to purchase products, we may as well reap some rewards and long-term benefits! Priceline’s Sister Club Card is relaunching in October with new perks to pamper its members. This is simply one way you can actually save money, get spoilt and receive cash back for buying goods that you already need.


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