Saving Money In The Kitchen

One of the biggest expenses in my budget is food…I feel an inner tug of war, I want my family to eat healthily, but watching Rocco scoff a punnet of $10 raspberries (half which ends on the floor) can cause my blood pressure to incline at a disturbing speed. Don’t get me wrong, I value healthy eating and am grateful that we have access to quality food, but seeing perfectly good food go to waste and hard earned money down the sink, really irks me.

There are a couple of things that I do to try and keep the wastage down and savings up. All of which I shared in this video that I made especially for, on behalf of Suncorp, who have recently launched new Money Profile Calculators.

It really comes down to planning and preparation. Food plans matched to your diary, cooking in bulk, utilising your freezer space (investing in quality Tupperware), having a home made herb garden can really help keep the shopping bills at a more consistently lower level. Little savings over the long run really add up, and you can do more fun things with the savings that you create.

You can watch this video here….


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