Weekend work…yes, that is how this $1000 comes together. And I can say I am over working on weekends a ready for a break. Even though I know that I am behind schedule. And this particular job wasn’t just weekends, it was early morning efforts and after hours as well. Probably contributing to why I feel so tired and flat.

So I am going to take a breather from the weekend jobs for a bit. At least until I feel better and more inspired. My mental and physical health comes first otherwise this isn’t worth it. I am not giving up, but instead looking for opportunities that are different from working weekends, such as selling things, doing market research jobs, hosting up my tax return etc.

This money was invested in TCL, with an estimated dividend yield of 5.5% p.a., bringing my total estimated passive income up to $4,220, reflecting 60.28% of my $7,000 goal.I do have a while to go, but right now I need to listen to my body and take some down time.

This is the emotional journey of The $1000 Project…I will be back soon.


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