So this impressive $3,000 parcel actually comes from working weekend jobs, which have really added up over the last couple of months. To be honest, I am feeling a little exhausted from always working on the weekend (and occasional early morning project) and have gotten to the stage where my body is telling me that I need some time off. So as I finish off a few jobs that I have already committed to, I am going to take care of myself and have a break from weekend jobs for a while. Just to recharge my batteries again.

However I won’t be taking my finger completely off the pulse with my beloved $1000 Project. So to ensure that I keep growing, I am looking at easier money creating tricks such as selling things that don’t require as much effort and energy. Even things that sell for $5 and $10 really add up and I am committed to taking my lunch to work, which is also helping me with my weightless goals.

In the meantime, this $3,000 was invested into GEAR, a geared ETF by Betashares, based purely on Australian shares. So helping diversify my portfolio and also use the magnifying opportunity from the in-built gearing of the ETF. My estimated income now comes to $4,165 p.a., so I am just shy of 60% of my goals (currently sitting at 59.5%).

As flat as I am feeling at the moment, it did feel really motivating seeing my portfolio and passive income grow from investing this $3,000. Weekends were sacrificed but the hard work and increased sense of financial independence and satisfaction that comes from being one step closer to my goals really helps.

However downtime is needed now. Stay tuned!


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