Reaching our goals with hard work and perspective

In this fast – paced society of ours, the most common concern everyone seems to have is how busy and time – poor they are; how they have a million things to do and just not enough time in the day to finish them. For those high achievers and perfectionists out there, it just seems almost nearing impossible, given we only have 24 hours in a day, in which more than a quarter of it dedicated to much required rest and rejuvenation. Believe me, I have lost count on all the times I really wished I had vampiric ability which would allow me to forgo my sleeping hours. However, it is so important for life balance to exist, yet how often do we stop for a second and think about why we are working so hard?

In my third year of uni, I had a very wise lecturer and on our last day of class, he imparted some very important advice. He said ‘Everyone in this society is busy do their own thing and you can also hit the ground running. But you just have to make sure that you are running towards the right direction for yourself.’ Four years later, this particular point continues to resound with me. Every time I decide to take on a new project or idea, his very wise comment always makes me rethink about what I am about to undertake.

Everyone works hard but we all have to realise the reasons and motivation behind our hard work and whether, in the long run, it is something that will bring us the joy and happiness that everyone deserves and should be able to  obtain. Take, for example, working hard towards saving and earning money. At the end of day, I believe we must ask ourselves what our goals are for this hard work and how we can identify with it.

If we can all do that, then the work will not feel hard, but rather turn into a journey we create for ourselves and embrace, with the end goal being what money can bring to you and your life – financial freedom which can open doorways to giving you happiness and joy. So essentially, what you are striving hard towards is not exactly having a lot of money but rather what a lot of money can afford to give you.

Em x


Image from Flashkit – People Walking

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