Pausing On The Baby “Essentials”

When I look back to the time when I had Rocco, I am really conscious of doing things differently…and in a better, healthier way. I have come so far thanks to minimalism, embracing zero waste and understanding my impact on the environment in my purchasing decisions. And living a life with more wholesome values, helps build my sense of happiness and self-worth.

To avoid those dark and frightening clouds that lurked around me previously, I want to ensure that I uphold these values to the best of my ability. So this time round, when it came to preparing and organising for baby Apple’s essentials, I paused. I stopped and looked at what things I actually needed, rather than things that I wanted. I stopped and looked for things that I could either improvise with, essentials that were multi-functional or essentials that I could borrow/rent. I stopped and looked at those things that I had to buy, but directed my purchasing power to brands that consider the environment or had an ethical initiative.

And in doing this, I discovered some amazing brands and products that support my love of minimalism, zero waste and of course, the environment. Now I can share these with you.

1. Mama Maya

Mama Maya makes 100% organic cotton swaddles and blanket. All beautifully soft with simple harmonious designs. But what I love about this brand even more, is the ethical efforts. Every swaddle purchased, helps fund a clean birthing kit for women in developing countries. And since starting this initiative, over 8,000 birthing kits have been given out. So next time you need to buy a baby shower gift or a swaddle for your own baby, definitely consider supporting small businesses that give back.

2. Bugaboo Fox

Walking a pram with two dogs and going off road requires a high quality and durable pram. The new Bugaboo Fox has larger wheels which gives it the best suspension of all the other prams on the market (so less bumps that might disturb Apple). However  Bugaboo’s high quality design is multifunctional. Not only can a car capsule connect to the pram (for easy transition), but the bassinet lasts for up to 6 months and the toddler seat can carry a child up to 22 kgs. Plus the toddler seat sits higher (over 50 cm) so not only does this make it easier for lifting your child out of the pram, but it also serves as a multi-purpose high chair. Plus it can collapse neatly for stress free-storage. However what I love about Bugaboos in general is they actually hold their value. So when it comes to no longer needing your Bugaboo, you don’t need to worry about throwing it out and contributing to landfill, as you can quickly and easily sell it on the second hand economy. Furthermore, the fabric is actually made out of recycled PET bottles and if any of your parts wear out on your Bugaboo, they can be replaced, so you don’t need to replace the whole pram.

3. Retykle

As soon as I know the sex of baby apple, I will be buying pre-loved baby clothes and accepting with open arms any hand me downs from my girlfriends. There are lots of great second hand baby and kids clothing website and social media groups around, but for those special super cute outfits, I have become obsessed with Retykle.

4. Koala Eco

When I found out I was pregnant, my girlfriend, Georgie Abay from The Grace Tales gave me some Koala Eco products to try, as she knew that I was trying to reduce the amount of chemicals in my home, and my own budget friendly homemade cleaning products made my house smell like a packet of salt and vinegar chips. Since trying them, I am hooked. Koala Eco’s wide range of cleaning products are plant based, made with 100% Australian essential oils. They are also vegan friendly and cruelty free friendly and smell heavenly. My favourite product is the multi-purpose product as this replaces a wide range of different type of cleaning products for you and a little bit goes a long way, leaving your home smelling like a bush retreat. They even have a fruit and vegetable wash, which is perfect if you can’t access organic fruit and vegetables as this turns them to their cleanest state possible. This is also another ethical brand that I am happy to support as 1% of all profits are donated to further environmental causes.

5. Glass Baby Bottles - By Tommee Tippee

Made from tempered glass, chemical free, recyclable and last longer than plastic plus save money, Tommee Tippee was my ideal choice both for sustainability and functionality. In fact, the glass baby bottle market is the fastest growing category in the baby bottle market as more eco-friendly parents (like myself) are choosing to direct their dollars and sense towards environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

6. Biodegradable Nappies & Wipes - Tooshies By TOM

6. One of my big triggers for stress, was seeing my garbage bin constantly overflowing with nappies and wipes and feeling guilty as to where they would end up. Since having Rocco, there is a much better quality range of biodegradable nappies and wipes and I am proud to be choosing the Tosshies By Tom Nappies and wipes, which are not only biodegradable and made with organic products but even the packaging is recyclable. Loving also the cute design on the nappies!

I can actually say that I am now organised for Apple’s arrival in 5-6 weeks time. I look at the products that I have chosen to invest in and allow into my home with pride, knowing that I am being more responsible to the planet, my baby and my own mental sanity. And look forward to the journey were I continuously discover and share with you more ethical, sustainable and multi-functional products.


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