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Canna Campbell is a director and employee of SASS Financial Limited (ABN 90 124 054 440) (SASS Financial).

SASS Financial is a corporate authorised representative and corporate credit representative of Wealthstream Financial Group Pty Ltd (ABN 35 152 803 113) being holder of Australian financial services licence 412 079.

The SugarMamma.TV website, podcasts, blogs, video and Instagram content, are prepared and published by SASS Financial (SugarMamma Content).

General advice or information

The information contained within the SugarMamma Content is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances, financial needs or objectives.  Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of it and the relevant product having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. In particular, you should seek independent financial advice and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or other offer document prior to acquiring any financial product.

All financial products involve an element of risk. Unless you are familiar with a specific financial product or strategy, including the potential impact of pertinent risks, the financial products and or strategies mentioned in any SugarMamma Content may not be suitable for you.

SugarMamma Content does not purport to contain all relevant information for you to make an investment, financial or other decision. You are solely responsible for deciding whether any investment, strategy or transaction is suitable for you at all times and whenever in doubt, you are encouraged to seek legal, financial, tax, investment or other advice as appropriate. 

Content Policy – Conflicts of Interest

Occasionally SASS Financial has been approached to host sponsored content paid for by both lifestyle and occasionally financial product or service providers.  While it does not often do so, SASS Financial may be paid a fee to publish content regarding a financial product or service.  To manage any potential conflicts of interest Sass has adopted the following process:

  1. Before agreeing to create or publish any information or to be paid any fee, SASS Financial conducts its own research to reasonably satisfy itself as to the merits or otherwise of the product or service.Quite often that involves trialling the product or services and speaking with others who have experience using it, considering the cost, value, benefits and risks for the end user. If we are not comfortable recommending it to our own family or friends, we politely decline the opportunity.
  2. All information created or published by SASS Financial is done so independently and without granting editorial rights to the subject financial product or service provider.
  3. Fees are a fixed sum (volume-based benefits and affiliate links are not negotiated or agreed).
  4. Any paid content (sponsored content) is identified as such in writing and where relevant verbally (at the beginning of any video, blog post etc) together with all relevant information including any disclosure of interests.

Our underlying passion is to always try and take an educational approach, with all of our content, which includes sponsored content. So even if we are approached by a company to create sponsored content on any of our platforms, if it doesn’t have an educational value for the end user, SASS Financial will not proceed.


SugarMamma Content does not constitute and should not be construed as being an offer to transact, recommendation, solicitation, invitation for subscription or sale or product or strategy advice. It must not be relied upon, in whole or in part, as the basis for any decision, contract, policy, view or commitment. 

Except to the extent that liability under any law cannot be excluded, SASS Financial disclaims liability for all loss or damage arising as a result of any opinion, advice, recommendation, representation or information expressly or impliedly published in or in relation to the SugarMamma Content notwithstanding any error or omission including negligence.

The SugarMamma Content is published in good faith based on the facts known to SASS Financial at the time of preparation and does not purport to contain all relevant information in respect of the financial products to which it relates.

SASS is under no obligation to update information in any SugarMamma content on an ongoing basis. 

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