Welcome to the world Tiger Tilli!

Welcome to the world Tiger Tilli! Last month we welcomed the arrival of our daughter, Tiger Tilli. Whilst Apple only starting growing thicker locks after a few months, Tiger came out with a voluminous mop of dark hair! 

This wasn’t the easiest pregnancy, (which I will divulge in more detail in another post), so I was happy that she safely arrived early, like her big brother and sister.  In the end, my labour was induced, but once everything kicked in, the labour was super quick and lasted 40 minutes. However, I actually passed out during the last minutes of labour! I accidentally suffocated myself by pulling tom’s body over me to deal with the pain…

We chose to name her tiger as it symbolises strength, power, courage and ambition but also represents the release of your fears, standing for truth, justice and integrity. It is also the nickname that Tom’s father used to call him. And after a challenging 12 months which included numerous rounds of IVF, a miscarriage, the loss of a friend and a few other personal dramas, this was the perfect name to complete our family.

Tiger Tilli has settled in nicely to her new home, with plenty of cuddles from Rocco and Apple, as well as licks from Giuseppe. Rocco adores holding her and Apple thinks Tiger is her own personal baby! Tiger has reflux, which means she will only sleep on my chest all night long, so if I appear a little dazed and confused, please excuse my sleep deprived baby brain! Tiger becomes serene  and content when she is held; she snuggles into me, with her tummy on my chest.

Long time followers will know that I have experienced postnatal depression before. Because of this (along with the demands of being a new mum juggling two businesses), I have decided to prioritise nourishing my mind, body and soul. I am trying to eat cleaner (however I do indulge on chocolate too!), going to bed early and speaking up when I feel down  or in need an extra set of hands to give me a break. I know that as tired as I am, this is just a phase and it will get easier! Building confidence is so important, particularly in the early stages of being a new mother. I am embracing the role of becoming my own cheerleader – I give myself lots of inner pep talks and raise my (spiritual) pom poms against any negative thoughts! 

In the lead up to giving birth (and also knowing that I would be delivering early again), I have worked closely with my amazing team and we have stockpiled lots of videos and podcasts for you. So please don’t worry, I am not going anywhere. I am still here to help you with your financial goals and dreams — we just have another SugarMamma member as part of our adventure. ♥


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