This $1,000 parcel came from a variety of different sources and an appropriate reminder how little things do really add up! Here is how I saved $1,000…

$80 – Quiet weekend in with Rocco – May

$150 – HCF Medical refunds

$100 – Quiet weekend in with Rocco – another weekend in May

$220 – Market Research work

$100 – I did my own make up for an event rather than getting it professionally done

$50 – I took my lunch to work 5 times during the month

$70 – Gave myself a home facial instead of my usual beauty salon

$200 – Saved $200 from buying a dress for an event of High End instead of a new dress

$30 – cash left over in my wallet from the end of my monthly budget

As I had a little bit of money left over from my last purchase, I was able to buy $1,020 worth of stock and after my research through Morningstar, I invested in Spotless Group (SPO) with 880 units bought. This means that according to my Morningstar research, my estimated passive income is now $1,212 p.a. which means that I am 60% of the way there!

Only 2 months to go….! The pressure is on!




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