To come up with my next $1,000 for The $1,000 Project, I accepted another assignment for work. Instead of working on this over my weekends, I actually worked late into the night through the week nights, whilst Rocco was asleep.

This probably wasn’t great for my energy levels as I usually wake up at 5 am most mornings, so it meant I was somehow operating off 5 hours of sleep each night (not advisable), however the project was completed and the feeling of satisfaction knowing that I am going to be buy more stocks, and build my passive income, has made it worth it.

Whilst this was a great opportunity for me to increase my skills and experience by taking on this assignment, it reminded me the importance of down time after working on intense projects. So next weekend I am taking Monday off and treating myself to a weekend away in Byron Bay.

I decided to buy some more Macquarie Bank shares, my Morningstar research has some fairly compelling recommendations about their future direction, with an estimated yield of 5.4% which takes my estimated passive income to $1,151 p.a. (I only purchased $965 worth of stock as the maximum amount of units that I could buy was 13 as MQG is trading at $72, so I have some money left over).

Onwards and upwards! Time to raise the bar!


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