As Round 3 of The $1000 Project comes to and end, and I have to face the reality of only achieving 62% of my goal, I have to stop and be kind to myself. I genuinely worked hard, but I had some challenges, set backs and distractions along the way. And I have to make peace with that and know that there is always another chance, another opportunity another round to The $1000 Project.

This second last $1,000 actually came from selling a handbag. I actually did love it but it was bought for me many years ago from someone I had to let go from my life. So every time I looked at it, I felt a bad energy and whilst I tried to sweep that feeling under the doormat, I realised it was having a negative effect on me.

So I sold the bag on eBay and have felt a welcome relief in letting it go. It was quite a classic bag and one that worked with so many outfits, so eventually I will need to replace it. But in the meantime I feel no rush to replace it and if anything, I am enjoying the time researching other bags that might be a suitable replacement and researching as to where is the best value for money.

The second and last $1,000 came from a wide variety of sources. Market Research, Frugal February, selling items on Gumtree and eBay and some weekend work. The last $1000 was slow, but a message that after 12 months, I need a mini break to recharge my batteries and focus on some of my other financial goals.

This break will be a mini one as I already have some exciting plans. But I can conclude Round 3 with announcing that my final estimated passive income comes to $4,556 p.a. and I have almost $255 from last minute dividends paid and another market research job which will give me a great head start for Round 4.


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