So I have officially manifested/saved/created/worked my backside off to come up with $20,000 since starting at the end of July 2015.

I do feel a mild sense of relief knowing that I am more than half way, especially as I just invested this twentieth $1,000 this morning into a new stock for the portfolio (Transurban) after doing lots of research and knowing that this stock not only matches my objective for long term passive income but I am also happy with the level of volatility for this stock and how it will add diversification benefits to my existing portfolio.

Transurban basically operate roads which they charge a toll for drivers to use. Most of their roads are in Australia but they do have a few in the US as well. And knowing how busy and time poor we all are, I take no shame in paying a toll if it means I get more time and efficiency out of my day. Building roads is expensive and not particularly competitive, which kind of makes this company a bit special…like a monopoly.

This $1,000 came from a variety of efforts, extra work on the weekend, I also sold some items on High End, which is a Facebook group that sells designer clothing and accessories at no fee, and then I also did a few penny pinching activities over the last month which allowed me to transfer my savings into The $1,000 Project Account.

Here is a snap shot of The SugarMamma Portfolio and the estimated passive income is now $1,048 p.a.port


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