So I have kicked started round 2 of The $1,000 Project for the next 12 months and this is exactly how I have saved my first $1,000:

$120 – I took my lunch to work 12 times during this month. This was actually a double blessing as I found that I ate healther…

$320 – I sold two pairs of shoes on High End on Facebook

$50 – I saved $50 through a special Qantas promotion when booking my domestic flight to Melbourne

$100 – I had a quiet Saturday night in with Rocco…it was heaven, movies on the sofa snuggled up together!

$280 – dividends from the existing shares in The SugarMamma investment portfolio

$150 – I had an event to attend and literally had nothing to wear that I hadn’t worn a dozen times with the same people (one downside to minimalism). So I gave myself a budget of $400 to find a quality classic dress and found one on eBay for $230 which I know that will be perfect for other events that I have coming up, so my dollars per wear will definitely be worth while!

Total $1,020! (the extra will go to brokerage!)

This money has been invested into The SugarMamma investment portfolio, and contributing towards building the passive income from $1,700 p.a. with some more Crown stock being purchased, taking the estimated passive income to $1,767 p.a.

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