This $1,000 parcel was painfully slow and was made up of a lot of “packed lunch to work” savings. Fortunately (and very kindly), my parents gave me a little bit of cash instead of buying me a Christmas present, as they “never know what to get me”….so I put 100% of this money towards the project.

Also, I sold a few things on GumTree, and also used my loyalty points from Woolworth and Pet Stuff (Pet shop) to give me money off at the check out when I was paying. Normally I wouldn’t really value these loyalty savings but this time I took a moment to consciously appreciate the savings and add the exact savings amount into The $1,000 Project Savings Account.

Other things that I did was have a quiet Saturday night in with Rocco but most importantly, I experienced an act of kindness! I was parking my car at Bondi Beach (I would normally park my car miles away where it is free, but Rocco had fallen asleep in the car, and I knew that I had to carry him and all his beach toys so I went with the parking meter option!), anyway, the guy in the car next to me was leaving and he very kindly gave me his parking ticket, which he has paid for an extra 2 hours.

I was so grateful for his thoughtfulness and generosity and ended up saving $14, which I put towards The $1,000 Project Account. This goes to show you how savings can appear from anywhere and sometimes it is simply people’s kindness in our ability to share and think of other people. So thank you very much to that person!

I ended up buying more STW, which is the Australian ETF, to help diversify the portfolio further. This means that I have now saved and invested $36,000 and my estimated passive income is $1,886 p.a. which means that I am 47.15% of the way to achieving my goal.

I hope this inspires you to open your mind when it comes to savings and also share the love when it comes to savings….



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