I have previously mentioned in my blog posts for The $1,000 Project that I experience bursts of amazing momentum and then hit painfully slow periods in building up my next $1,000. I think that is part of life, especially when you are working towards a special goal…it can’t always be smooth sailing and nothing great is achieved easily. However whilst this $1,000 mainseted it’s self quite readily and almost magically, I can still say that my hard work, persistance and dedication to The $1,000 Project can be seen in the results.

This $1,000 partly came from sacrifice…I decided after much deliberation, to sell my Mulberry handbag on eBay as well as my favorite Frame Denim jeans…normally I would never sell a handbag, but this one gave me bad memories, so I was happy to let it go. Nonetheless, as time passes and I achieve my other goals, (personal and financial), I will look to save up again and replace it. In the meantime, I will value and appreciate my other bags that I love.

Also, I have been umming and ahhing about changing my favorite jeans over. I absolutely love my Frame denim jeans however I was starting to question if at age 36, I could still pull of the excessively torn and distressed denim look…weirdly at the same time, I was frustated being short for my next $1,000 and someone offered to buy my jeans from me for the amount that I was short…I found the timing of this so freaky, but it reminded me that when your thoughts, feelings and actions are in sync with eachother, and you are in sync with the frequency of your goals and put it out there in the universe, the universe listens.

So for this $1,000, I purchased some more Telstra shares, (please read the disclaimers) as the share price is still down from when I originally purchased them and I keep on coming across positive research reports about the NBN and am personally loving their flexible and efficient products that they keep developing and I use everyday. The yeild is 6.4% p.a. which takes my estimated passive income to $1,944 p.a. which is 48.6% of my goal…


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