With the build up to focus on “creating” my thirty – eighth deposit, I decided to set myself a challenge! I made a goal to manifest $1,000 within 7 days by trying to sell as many things as I could find. While initially I found this a bit daunting, I managed to find more than $1,000 worth of items to sell on my eBay account and actually made almost $2,000 worth of sales! (I will be paying my eBay seller fees out of my own money). Items I sold ranged from chairs, clothing, shoes and sneakers and even a beach tent! This really goes to show that if you put your mind towards something, you can really achieve your goals!

Please read General Disclaimer – this is not advice!

Using this money I made, I decided to purchase more Transurban shares to add to the portfolio. My decision to purchase this stock, while also based on research and articles I have read recently , its estimated yield is 4.40% p.a. Currently, this share is down by approximately -6.36% from when I orginally purchased it, which indicates to me that this could be a good opportunity to pick up more value.

By purchasing this stock, I am increasing my passive income from $1,836 p.a. to $1,880 p.a. This means that I am 45% of the way to achieving my goal of $4,000 p.a.


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