So in my video, Manifesting Money (check it out in the SugarMamma Library), I talk about opening your mind to attracting money and when you do things that serve you well (including others) you start to operate from a higher and more creative place. This is where funny things happen, kind of like miracles…like the universe gives you a bone.

Well, for my third $1,000 the weirdest thing happened….I will explain it in my video shortly. But I had a very old credit card that was cancelled over 2 years ago….but somehow over the last two years I had been randomly transferring money onto the card….I must have gotten my b-pay codes mixed up. Technically the card was closed, so they never sent me a statement…however for some reason not only had they been accepting the money, but over the time of me accidentally making these weird transactions, I had a credit of $800!

So after many phone calls and a trip to my bank, the credit card company agree to refund me the money! So I put this money towards the $1,000 Project.

Then I purchased a skirt and top (to wear on a date), however when I pulled it out of the bag to show my friend, she immediately noticed that the skirt had a bad pull on it. I went to swap the skirt over and unfortunately they had no more left in my size, so I had to return the whole outfit and get a full refund.

So instead of trying to buy something else, I decided to use something from my wardrobe and put the refunded money toward the existing $800….and added some cash from my wallet that was left over from my weekly budget. So without too much effort, I manifested or created $1,000!

It is amazing how things can happen when you least expect it! So thank you universe! I am now adding this to the share portfolio ASAP!



Photography by Grace Alyssa Kyo

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