I feel kind of funny explaining these two parcels of $1,000…as they have been created out of The $1,000 Project itself and is in fact an idea that I have on the list for people to help brainstorm money earning ideas…which is to write a book. I had it on the list as an idea, but never considered it to be an option for myself…

So this money actually came from part of my book advance for The $1,000 Project book. I spent countless (well at least 12-14 weekends) working on this book, locked up inside on beautiful sunny days working on my book.

However I used the same principal of The $1,000 Project, in that I took one big goal and broke it down into small, manageable and therefore achievable goals, which was focusing on one chapter at a time. And about 4 months later, I had written a whole book! Even I was shocked when the draft was finished.

Also I was lucky enough to work with an amazing publisher from Penguin, Cate Blake who knew exactly how to encourage me to keep going when there were many times where I questioned the quality of my work. So I think I can say that these two $1,000 parcels are actually my proudest parcels yet!

The money was invested in Milton, bringing my passive income now to $3,250 p.a., or 81.5% of the way towards achieving my goal. I have given myself an extension to the 5th of November whilst I wait for some last weekend jobs to be paid but I have to say, I am feeling quietly proud of seeing the amount of money that has been saved and invested and knowing that a charity is going to be getting a cheque for over $3,250 shortly…


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