This month I have been able to save over $1,000 from renting some dresses from Just Once  instead of buying them!

Plus I didn’t even have to get them dry-cleaned! Which saved my at least $60 alone….

Now finally I am showing you the SugarMamma portfolio, which you can click on below….but before you look at it, you need to understand that just because I have purchased these shares, does not mean that you should take this as advice or even copy me by buying the same investments. So please read the Disclaimers and General Advice warnings before looking at this!

I have purchased these shares because I have done extensive research on these stocks and they match my personal long term financial goals for passive income AND my comfort levels for risk and market volatility. Which is very high! (I am an experienced High Growth investor!) Buying shares is not for everyone and there are heaps of other investments worth considering before you make any final decisions. Shares are considering high growth investments, which means that they come with high risks. And you can see that the portfolio is actually down in value (which for me, is normal and I am not worried!).

I will be doing a series of videos shortly as to where I get my research from and why I love the approach that the research company takes, but in the meantime, you can click on the portfolio below and see a snapshot of where the $6,000 has been invested. Plus I can also share with you that based on the research that I subscribe to, my SugarMamma portfolio should be making over $308 p.a. in passive income based on current information.

Which means that if my goal is to have the portfolio making me $2,000 p.a. in passive income by July 2016, (so that the portfolio income can buy me a designer handbag each year), then I am already 15.6% of the way there!

Yay! Happy days! And I am going to keep building this portfolio!

Let me know how you are going with #the1000project as I love hearing from you and don’t forget that you can use this strategy of saving in parcels of $1,000 to either pay down debt, save, invest, build passive income or even put towards your retirement plans!



All photography by Grace Alyssa Kyo

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