So after doing my Financial Fast Challenge (AKA Frugal February), I managed to save over $1,100 from exercising some self control, consciously putting those savings (from when I didn’t spend money on those things) into my separate “The $1,000 Project” savings account.

I was shocked as to how much I managed to save for the month of February…I admit that I experienced feelings of frustration, impatience and at times disappointment…but those feels we exceeded with more positive ones of accomplishment, empowerment and a new found awareness of my values and consideration of how I spend my time.

Things like staying at home and spending more time with Rocco simply playing on the ground (check out my Instagram account to see the cubby house that we built) and reading books together was so great for my soul and confidence in the pressure I put on myself to be a great and present mother. Plus having friends over for dinner rather than going out, taking lunch to work etc…these little things really added up.

Anyway, I will be posting my VLOG on Money Monday next week, but after doing some research via my Morningstar subscription, I purchased some Westpac stock today, and have now officially invested over $16,000 and my new estimated passive income is $858 p.a.

I am hoping to have a big month for March with lots of weekend work coming up, more savings (I am going to use some of the lessons that I learnt from Frugal February) and more selling of clothes on eBay.

Almost half way to my goal of $2,000 p.a. passive income by end of July 2016! But feeling chuffed that I have gotten this far already!


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