So my seventeenth $1,000 comes from a variety of sources, some eBay, some left over savings from my Financial Fast/Frugal February Challenge but mainly from saving money from hiring a dress again, rather than buying one.

I was very kindly invited to The Silver Ball by a good friend of mine, supporting The Children’s Hospital and could not find anything that I was madly in love with and would be proud to have hanging in my wardrobe.

Rather than waste money on a dress that I probably won’t be feeling my best in, and then feel even more guilty as it sits unloved and unworn in the deep dark shameful corners of my wardrobe, I turned to Michelle Worsley’s trusty Dress Rental website, Just Once.

I think it is important to not only support charities and their events (I know that so much time, care and love goes into organising these balls), but also take the time out to acknowledge the amazing dedicated work that the doctors, nurses and researchers do, to help sick children. The events help raise awareness as well as help make us realise that our own stresses are sometimes surface level when it comes to children being unwell.

Being financially free, means that we can have the ability to help more and give more back to the community, be it financially or from donating your time through volunteering. Each efforts are valuable and can have a powerful effect and impact positively.

I have my charities which I personally support, and I was delighted to attend this event and make a donation on the night. However I do have to give major credit to Just Once, where I rented my dress for the evening, which allowed me to buy the next parcel of shares for The SugarMamma investment portfolio.

According to my trusty Morningstar research (which SugarMamma subscribers can access at a special discount here),  after this new stock purchase, The SugarMamma portfolio is now generating an estimated $912 p.a. Hopefully my next $1,000 will take me over the 50% mark.

If you are working on some financial goals and need to find ways to save money on dresses, I highly recommend checking out her website, I just love it! She has beautiful taste in selecting dresses, you can check out what I wore for the night on my Instagram account.



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