I am absolutely loving working on #the1000project . Since starting, my desire to shop has seriously subsided. When I buy something for myself, I really look at it and think ifit is worth it and if I would actually prefer putting the money towards my next $1,000.

I have already saved my second $1,000 and it happened really quickly.

I enrolled my details with a Market Research company and they paid me $150 to talk about a new product that they are launching. Everyone can register with these market research companies, if you match their criteria, they pay you cash to listen to your thoughts and feelings about certain products. It was actually quite interesting doing it.

Then I sold some more furniture on Gumtree, which has given me more space in my house and make it a little bit easier and quicker to clean, so there were some added benefits from that! Also, I was supposed to be taking one of my best friends to breakfast, but he had to cancel and so the money that I had budgeted to spend on a nice breakfast, I put towards #the1000project.

Then it was my birthday this month and my parents knew that I wanted to buy a new dress for a special upcoming party that I have. So they very kindly gave me some cash, which I was planning on using the cash to put towards a new dress at my favourite shop, Scanlan & Theodore. But always the way, when you have cash to spend, you can never find the right dress, and when you have no cash to spend, you always find the perfect thing to buy.

So after looking with no luck, I randomly found this dress online at ASOS, which was $55!!! (I was planning on spending way more than that!). So I ordered the dress, very sceptical that it would be of decent quality at that price, but when it arrived, it was absolutely stunning and my girlfriends have already put in a request to borrow it.

So with the difference of the money that I saved, I put it towards #the1000project – here is my summary for you….

$150 – Market Research

$280 – Gumtree

$70 – Breakfast cancelled

$450 – left over money after buying ASOS dress instead of a Scanlan & Theodore one

$50 – coins (I was a bit naughty with my coins…I have been buying too many coffees)

So I will be investing this next $1,000 shortly and covering it in my video… stay tunned!

Also, don’t forget to keep me posted as to how you are saving your $1,000 parcels. The more ideas that we can share, the more people we help! So make sure you take a photo on your Instagram account and hashtag #the1000project so that we can all share ideas as to how we are building our savings and investment portfolios!



Photography by Grace Alyssa Kyo

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