My Third $1000

One of the most valuable things I have learnt from doing The $1000 Project is being open to the flow of money but also open to the way you can earn, hustle and attract money.

My 3rd $1000 came from a variety of different sources. Some of which caught me by surprise…most definitely a pleasant surprise.

Firstly I got an unexpected tax refund of $577 as the ATO had over estimated my income. And I have to admit, with the January sales on at the time, I was SO tempted to use the money to buy a few basics that I had been eying off for some time, especially as I am not back in all my clothes yet since having Apple and am wearing the same outfits on repeat. However, when I stopped and focused on the feeling of pride, satisfaction and progress that this $577 would give me in taking me closer to finishing this $1,000, those retail consumption desires quickly subsided.  The excitement of investing the next $1000 was the perfect trigger for responsible decision making.

The next $200 came from working on a Saturday. I made sure I got up super early so that I didn’t lose to much family time, and this also allowed me to get my work done with no distractions.

Next up was I finally cashed in the $300 that I had earned from my Cashrewards account. This is where I receive commission back on my own online shopping. So whenever I do my Christmas shopping, things for the home, even travel and utilities, I check out their website first and see not only what commission I can earn, but also what coupon codes or exclusive discounts they have on offer. Originally I planned to keep the  commission in my Cashrewards account until I had earnt $1000, but in the spirit of keeping my adrenaline pumping – I decided to cash this in! This enabled me to quickly invest my next $1000 and clear the decks to focus on the next $1000!

Be open to how money comes into your life, accept it, bank it, be grateful and keep focusing on getting your savings up to your $1000 threshold. The moment you hit that mark, invest it or put it towards your big financial goal, so that you waste no time at all in moving on to your next $1000. The sky is the limit in what you can achieve with your financial goals and dreams when you do The $1000 Project.  


*Photography Credit:  Hajin Jang. Instagram @josephjanghajin
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