Passive income is half way! According to my trusty Morningstar research, after investing my nineteenth $1,000, by estimated passive income is now $1,007 p.a. Which means that I am more than half way to achieving my goal of having a passive income of over $2,000 p.a. by the end of July 2016.

This $1,000 was actually earned through taking on some more projects and working on them over the weekend and in my spare time. Admittedly, this meant that one day Rocco spend the day with his grandparents whilst I focused on getting the project done. And I felt incredibly guilty about not hanging out with him like I normally would.

But after I made peace with the guilt, and reminded myself about what this project is about and how it is helping motivate, inspire and educate people around the world to be savvier with their hard earned cash and the sacrifices that we all need to make at times to achieve goals, I pushed on and focused on the end result.



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