My Frugal Friend Kept Dining At Lux Restaurants.. Then I Discovered Her Secret.

When your stalking gets you a great money saving hack...

I have a friend...she is always on social media, in the best restaurants & wearing the most beautiful clothes...

She is actually one of my funniest friends and I love catching up with her. She is real, she is honest and she is sharp and witty. Catching up with her can never be over a quick coffee…it needs to be over a 5 course degustation meal as she always has the best stories to share with and the hours fly by with tears of laughter with no wine required. 

She is highly successful in her own right. She is super savvy with money. She is never in credit card debt and invests whilst preaching “a man is not a financial plan”. She also shares my love for preloved fashion as she is equally frugal, and is always happy to jump on board with me on whatever funny financial challenge I am rolling with each time we catch up. Let’s call her “My FF” My Frugal Friend.  

Anyway, the other day when I invited her over for lunch (skipping our usual favourite cafe in honour of Frugal February), I just had to hit her up….I had been stalking her. 

You see, My FF, seems to have a new expensive hobby, which isn’t usually like her. She is literally wining and dining in a new restaurant every night. And I know this because I am literally stalking her every night for probably the last 57 days (who is counting?). I was left feeling confused, as she is the type of girl that even if she won the lotto, she would still be just as Frugal and savvy with her own hard earned cash. 

So I came clean, told her about my social media investigation into her life and she immediately revealed to me her new Frugal Secret….”Eat Club”. Eat Club is a free application which shares with you your cities best restaurants with up to 50% off the total will. Once you have found your best discount to your closest or favourite restaurant, you simply redeem the voucher and present it to the staff when you arrive to the restaurant on your phone. It is as simple as that.

No embarrassing coupon codes, or receipts that you have to tear out of a book, or even sweating on whether the voucher will work at the end of the evening when the bill comes. Just a simply flash of your mobile as you arrive and your bill is potentially cut in half. 

So next time you see someone on social media, living it up, why don’t you ask them how they do it. How do they afford it, you never know what you might learn and who you can share these savvy tips with. 



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