This was probably my most painfully slowest $1,000…the frustration in staring at my bank account, trying to come up with more ideas, just to get to $1,000. The closer I got to $1,000, the slower it took. To the point where I actually cracked it when the account stagnated at $950, and ended up transferring $50 from my savings into the account just to finish this parcel off and invest the money. Once I transferred this $1,000 into my sharing trading account, I felt guilty as my only two rules that were that I wouldn’t take any money out of my salary or existing savings. So to defuse my guilt, I will rectify this!

This parcel’s of $1,000 came from the following activities…

$160 – I had two very quiet weekends, cooked all meals at home (even made some banana bread!), even skipped my local take away coffee, all entertaining was either hanging out at home, going to friend’s house or my parents or friends coming over to mine. It was perfect for the cold weather!

$200 – I needed a new winter coat, I actually have one that I absolutely love but it is light pink and I seem to be getting it dirty every week, so the dry cleaning bill is adding up. I budgeted about $500-$600 for a new one…however I fell in love with a stunning navy blue coat from Camilla and Marc which was over $1,000. Determined to find away, I searched online and managed to find it on sale for $550…but then miraculously, I found a similar one, still by Camilla and Marc, which I loved even more…it was second hand through a closed group on Facebook called High End.

The girl selling it has barely warn it and was de-cluttering her wardrobe. I picked it up for a $350 and it is perfect condition! So excited to have a nice warm coat for winter, and in my favourite colour! Plus I saved $200 from buying second hand and can feel slightly better about my impact on the environment.

$16 – Loyalty Programs – it was Rocco’s birthday, and because I do most of my kids birthday shopping from one particular store, I had $16 worth of points, which came off my total bill! The old me would buy Rocco $16 worth of more toys. However I am really trying to stick to my minimalism values and lead by example to Rocco.

$250 – eBay – I sold something on eBay…but I actually cannot remember what it was! Clearly I didn’t value it, which is bad of me…but hey, more for The $1,000 Project!

$180 – Market Research – this type of work for cash is always appreciated by me and helps get me over the line!

$60 – GumTree – I had a bedhead and matching valance, which has been on GumTree forever! Finally someone offered me a reasonable price (well actually $60 was a bargain) but I was happy to let it go and stop cluttering my little house.

$130 – money saved on lunches! I have been making a new habit of either taking my lunch to work or going home for lunch. This is something that I happily do as I realise that I don’t value paying $10 for a simple sandwich. Plus when I bring my lunch or eat it at home, it tends to be healthier. Plus I like looking a a full wallet at the end of the week! However I rarely skip my take away coffee (and the occasional banana bread from my local cafe, Sonder in Paddington)…

With the money, I am going to purchase some more of the Vanguard US ETF, which should raise my estimated passive income to $2,280 p.a. which is 57% of the way towards my ultimate goal.

Hopefully my next $1,000 won’t be nearly as painful and slow!


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