This blog post may rub people the wrong way, and I definitely do not mean to alienate people, so please understand that I am sharing with you my world, my challenges, my goals and my values.

Being a pretty much full-time working single mother, with two dogs, working for myself with very odd hours, I am time poor and tired at night. And to help me cope, just like most people, I need to ask for help. One of the things that help me keep my sanity and feel happy and in control, is having a clean and tidy house…okay, make that tidy house….I can turn a blind eye to the dog hair, dust and sand that infiltrates my house.

However once a week, I have a cleaner that comes and helps me out. This usually costs me $125 per week. It is only a weekly luxury and coming home from work on the day that the cleaner has been is one of my favourite days of the weeks.

Back in January, my cleaner had to stop working due to some medical issues. She offered to help me find a new cleaner, but I figured that I could cope. And I thought that I could save the $125 per week and put it towards The $1,000 Project. At first I coped really well, I got a lot of joy, pride and self satisfaction cleaning my own home. It was great exercise work out and I made a bigger effort to keep it clean and tidy as sweating from hours of scrubbing, wiping and dusting. However 4-5 months in, I started to realise some valuable things to me.

Whilst I was manically vacuuming the house like a mad woman, Rocco was watching TV. Now I am happy to let Rocco watch TV and he is more than happy to watch TV, but I would prefer to watch TV with him (limited of course). I realised that I was missing out on not necessarily quality time but time with Rocco switching off. Some of my most relaxing memories is watching TV shows in my parents bed before going to my own bed, I think Dad and I have watched thousands of Law and Order, Murder She Wrote and LA Law…I should have become a detective/lawyer…

So after saving a massive $3,000, I decided that I valued the hard work that cleaners provide as well as freedom for myself (plus energy) and have employed a new cleaner. This time I am making a bigger effort to keep the house clean and tidy, so my cleaning bills are now down to $70 per week. With the $3,000 that I saved, I purchased some new stock in a special EFT which I will be sharing with you shortly. I also had to sell my Spotless stock as it was being bought out by Downer Edi, and the share price offer was for a limited time. So I actually had $4,000 in total to invest after the Spotless stock was sold.

So I have now officially invested $49,000, and my passive income is $2,430 (just under 61% of the way!)…plus I have finally been paid for others extra jobs that I have been working on some more money to invest in the portfolio shortly.


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