This $1,000 parcel has come from Air B’n’B and a few quiet nights in. Rocco and I were fortunate enough to be invited for a weekend away, with the dogs, so we used this as the perfect opportunity to put the house for a weekend/holiday listing for a few nights.

Some people think it isn’t worth the money for only one or a few nights, however I personally prefer it this way, as it forces you to give the house a major clean, re-organise and ensure everything is in good working order and you can’t get too home sick as it is such a short time.

This money went to buy some more CWN stock in my portfolio. I will be adding new stocks shortly, however my readings from the AFR as well as my Morningstar research as strong long term buys on Crown and the dividend is extremely healthy, even with all the drama they have recently faced in China.

My estimated passive income is now $2,130 p.a. Which is 53.25% of the way towards my goal and I am feeling back in control again!


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