This was a painfully slow experience coming up with this $1,000. And I am hoping now that I have just invested it, that it triggers a break through of a new flow of more efficiently manifested $1,000 parcels.

To come up with this $1,000 it came from a wide variety of areas, saving my lunch money by eating lunch at home (I live 4 minutes from my office), selling some items on eBay, GumTree and High End. Doing some market research, dividends being deposited into the account (the easiest way of earning money). So this $1,000 represented my 44th investment and I chose to purchase some more CBA stock.

As this stock was trading above the $80 mark and I had $1,000 to invest, I was only able to buy 11 units, so I have just over $53 left in my share trading account, which I can put towards my next $1,000 investment. My estimated passive income is now $2,210 p.a. (55.25% of the way towards my goal) and I have taken a screen shot of my portfolio to show you…(please note that this was taken just before I purchased this new parcel of $1,000 in CBA stock)…

Already onto the next $1,000 as my deadline looms…


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