Panic has suddenly hit me and I have realised that I have only 7 months left to go before my deadline. Whist I am more than half way to achieving my goal, I still need to double that existing passive income. The pressure is on…

To help manage my stress, I put together it “hit list” of ideas that can help generate more cash to invest…so to try and be as proactive as possible, I have put my house back on Air BNB for weekend holiday stays for when Rocco and I are away, I also listed some items on High End (which is a group on Facebook for selling luxury goods but without fees), and I also checked my emails for any upcoming market research opportunities and doing another cull and declutter of my home for eBay and GumTree. On top of this I am also going to take on some extra projects at work, and work on them in my spare time (i.e. my weekends when Rocco is with his dad).

Fortunately, I managed to save $400 during Frugal February, and then I made up the difference by selling clothes on High End and doing more Market Research. This money has gone into more blue chip industrial shares, where I decided that I wanted to usr the pull back in the Telstra share price to buy more shares. This takes my estimated passive income up to $2,070 p.a. Still a long way from my goal, but this stress of the deadline was given me the much needed kick up the bottom to get back in focus and make up for lost time!

Below is a snap shot of the portfolio, please read the disclaimers, this is not advice and I am not recommending that you buy these shares. I have chosen to purchase this style of investment asset as it matches my comfort levels when it comes to investing, I am happy with market volatility and understand it and have done a lot of research before buying these stocks…


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